Dave Mirra 2: Freestyle BMX | Nintendo GameCube | NGC
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Dave Mirra 2: Freestyle BMX | Nintendo GameCube | NGC

• Condition: Pre-Owned
• Release Date: 11/18/2001
• Rating: Teen
• Genre: Extreme Sports
• Publisher: Acclaim
• Developer: Z-Axis

• Item/s sold are in Good/Great Cosmetic & Working Condition (unless otherwise specified)
• Item/s are Pre-Owned (unless otherwise specified)
• Item/s are Cleaned & Tested (unless otherwise specified)
• Systems are fully tested & the exterior of the system has been cleaned
• Pre-Owned Disc based media have been resurfaced (buffed) with ELM USA Professional Grade Resurfacing Machine (unless otherwise specified)
• Disc/s may still contain Light/Surface level scratches after resurfacing
• Item/s may be missing Original Case, Cover-Art, Manual, Stickers, Inserts, Pre-Order Bonuses, DLC/Codes, etc.
• Item/s may contain Imperfections, Scratches, Dents, Dings, Tears, etc.

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