Disc Resurfacing & Repair
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Disc Resurfacing & Repair

Zypher Trading Video Games offers professional disc resurfacing & disc repair for Video Games, Movies and CDs

  • Zypher Trading Video Games offers a Disc Resurfacing service, we use ELM/RTI Professional Disc Resurfacing Machines so that we are able to best provide the most optimal outcome for each Disc Resurfacing job that we do.

  • Zypher Trading Video Games accepts mail-in resurfacing orders for all Disc Based Video Games Including GameCube Games, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Wii U, as well as CD's, DVD Movies & Blu-Ray Movies.

  • Zypher Trading Video Games also offers Center Ring Hub Protection for your discs to prevent cracks that start at the center ring of a disc and can quickly spread to the entirety of the disc.

  • Our Center Ring Hub Protectors can be used on any type of media disc and on both the top and bottom of the disc, or if you prefer to only have it on just the top or just the bottom, we can do that as well, but we suggest both top and bottom.

  • Our Center Ring Hub Protectors do not cause a disc to not be able to be read.  And can be removed at any time.

  • Zypher Trading Video Games can apply our Center Ring Hub Protectors onto discs that have already start to crack within’ the center of a disc, our protectors won’t repair the cracks, but instead they help those cracks from continuing to grow. (Under normal use circumstances)

  • Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair Costs

  • $3.50 Per Disc (1-4 Discs)
  • $3.25 Per Disc (5-9 Discs)
  • $2.75 Per Disc (10-19 Discs)
  • $2.50 Per Disc (20+ Discs) 

     Center Ring Hub Protector (Add-On)

  • $0.95 for both top and bottom disc hub protectors
  • $0.50 for single disc hub protector

  • Placing a Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair Order

    The following information is required for all mail-in Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair orders, please provide this information on a separate piece of paper inside of your package, as this information allows Zypher Trading Video Games to properly process your order & get it back in your possession in a timely manner.

    • Your Name
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Return Shipping Address
    • PayPal Email Address (For Invoicing/Billing)
    • A list of the number of discs included in your Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair order.
        • Provide the titles of all discs included in your order
        • If wanting Center Ring Hub Protectors, please list which discs you are wanting to have these installed on-to, as well as whether it’s both the top and bottom of the disc you would like the Center Ring Disc Hub Protectors Applied or just the top or the bottom.

  • For Mail-In Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair orders, you are required to cover all shipping costs both ways.

  • Upon completion of your order, you will receive a PayPal invoice which will contain the cost of the services completed, as well as the cost of shipping your order back to you.

  • Keep in mind that minimizing the weight and size of your order prior to shipping, while still providing sufficient protection for your items, will save you money in shipping costs.  

  • You can ship your Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair order directly to Zypher Trading Video Games without need to contact us prior.  Please send your orders, with all required information stated above to:

    Zypher Trading Video Games
    Attn: Resurfacing Department
    1201 S 1700 W
    Unit A-105
    Payson, Utah


    Misc. Information About Disc Resurfacing & Disc Repair Orders

    Zypher Trading Video Games uses ELM/RTI Professional Disc Resurfacing Machines to provide the most optimal and desired results when resurfacing disc based media.

    Disc Resurfacing does not guarantee that a disc that has had issues working previously, will be able to be repaired or even function like it did prior to getting damaged. With that said, Disc Resurfacing is a good option for removing scratches, which typically cause most problems with media discs not functioning properly.

    Before submitting a disc resurfacing order, understand that Zypher Trading Video Games does not guarantee that your discs will be fully functional after being resurfaced.

    Professional Disc Resurfacing Machines do a great job with removing scratches from discs, though understand there may still be scratches present, after a disc has been resurfaced. Zypher Trading Video Games is committed to making every disc look just like new, but there are times where this just isn’t a reality and our focus has to change to functionality over cosmetics.  Zypher Trading Video Games will never guarantee that any discs will be completely scratch free, though in almost every scenario Zypher Trading Video Games is able to provide a much better-looking disc, that should function much better as well. 

    Discs that come in that are beyond repair, with excessive top scratches, separating layers, cracks that our Center Ring Hub Protector won’t be able to aid with, etc. Zypher Trading Video Games will not attempt to resurface these discs, nor will Zypher Trading Video Games charge to resurface these discs & they will be returned to sender with the disc labeled “as-is”.  

    • If such damage to a disc is undetected and Zypher Trading Video Games attempts at resurfacing the disc, the normal resurfacing fee will be charged, regardless of whether Zypher Trading Video Games is able to repair the disc or not. 

    Zypher Trading Video Games is not responsible for any damage that could happen to discs during either the shipping or repair process.

    If Zypher Trading Video Games has not received payment within (14) days of invoicing date, and there has been no communication from the party who sent disc/s to Zypher Trading Video Games for Resurfacing/Repair, the items will then be presumed as abandoned, and will be disposed of at the discretion of Zypher Trading Video Games.

    Under no circumstances is Zypher Trading Video Games liable for the following:
    (1) third-party claims against you for damages
    (2) loss of, or damage to, your records or data
    (3) economic consequential damages (including lost profits or savings) or incidental damages even if we are informed of their possibility
    (4) loss of items in transit to or from our store. Once the items are in the hands of the shipping carrier, we forfeit any responsibility of the item(s).