Mystery Box - $19.99 - $999.99
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Mystery Box - $19.99 - $999.99

Prior to purchase, please read the following:

In the “comment/note” section of your order at checkout, please provide us with the following information for your mystery box.

- Which systems are you wanting video games for?

- Would you like movies to be included in your mystery box?

- What matters more to you Quality or Quantity?

- Are there any specific types of items that you DO NOT want?


- Mystery box items are chosen at random.
     - We will do our best to match up all of your wants & do not wants that you have mentioned to us

- Video Games may not be fully complete, but we will not send you loose discs, all disc based media will have some form of a case to go along with it.

- Our guarantee to you, is that your Mystery Box, will have an overall value worth more (at time of Mystery Box Purchase) than the price of the mystery box you have chosen.

- Our mystery boxes are sold as-is.  The entirety of the Mystery Box or specific items contained within' the Mystery Box cannot be swapped out or returned.
   - If you receive an item is defective or non-working, please contact us to setup a return for that specific item and upon receiving the item back & inspecting it, we will exchange the item for the same item if we have more in stock or another item will be chosen at random in it's place.

Please be sure that you are okay with receiving random items prior to purchase, we will do our best to meet your wants!



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